Well, some time ago i started hearing more and more about discord as a “Skype for gamers”

Offcourse i wanted to try it so i got their client and i signed up. The U.I. looked great and it had way more gaming related features than programs like Skype. I got pushed further and further into the pithole of “Discord is awesome” but the UI lacked one feature, good 1 on 1 calls. Fair enough, some day later they added those in (or they moved them). “Wooh that was awesome” was the first thing i thought. So i began trying to get my friends over to Discord, most of them liked it but sadly some hated it. The only problem was that those haters were a big part of the group and that is the reason i am not having either of them open at the time of me writing this. I also want to get into services like Slack soon because those look very useful on the developer side of things. Well, ill keep you up to date and you will here from me soon. (TM :))

I hoped you liked this second blog post, i don’t have comments yet so ill just hope that everything is okay.

– Luc