What programs do I use as a sysadmin?

These are the tools that i generally use, feel free to suggest alternatives in the comments or use some of these.

On my servers.

OS: Ubuntu

Ubuntu is my favorite OS. I originally got to know linux from the raspian pi, which ran debian, which Ubuntu is based on. Almost all packages support Ubuntu and that’s mainly why i use it.


  • For Java: IntelliJ
  • Web and NodeJS: PhpStorm
  • Python and scripting languages: Sublime


I really like netdata for monitoring because of it’s ease to setup and it’s notifications. I have tried others like Grafana but i couldn’t get that to setup. For terminal monitoring i prefer HTop.

VM’s VS Containers

I personally really like docker because it is easy to use and you can install a lot of programs very fast with docker. For vm’s i have used vargant with virtualbox but i have never needed to use a VM instead of a container.


100% Discord, it is great for company chatting and for customer support. It has a nice ui and a good api. Definitely use this if you are in the gaming industry. I have used Slack And RocketChat but i didn’t really like those.

Version Control

I have recently switched to a gitea instance (Already before github was bought by Microsoft, okay?) and i do not regret it. Gitea can definitely use some more ci/cd features but overall it’s great.

File Storage

I really like Nextcloud, It has a easy to use Docker image and is easy to work with.

More personal


I really feel like 2fa is needed for anything related to sensitive data like user info. I like to use winauth for pc and google authenticator on my phone.


I have always been a chrome user because it’s ease and it’s compataibiliy. I have recently also started to use firefox and to be honest i might switch because firefox has the same great api but it also has a lot better compatability.


That’s about it, if you have any suggestions on what to add or want to know something, leave a comment on send me a message.