New website

One day i opened up my filezilla client and i found out that hostinger(my host) moved my website again! I knew it was time for change so i started to read up about github pages, i found out that it supported jekyll but at that time i had never heard of it.

Turns out, jekyll is an awesome website blogging platform to blog in a static way while still having some dynamic features like posts. I started reading the jekyll docs and, wow i wanted to start immediatly! The next day i started looking thru the themes and after like three minutes i found out that the “Hacker Theme” was great for me. It looked cool and it was easy to edit. That same day i already had a decent main page up but i wanted cool effects! If you look at my website now, you will see that it had worked out. I am using typer.js for the title (with an easteregg) en fontawesome for the awesome social icons on the buttons and social media. But i wanted more, I wanted to Blog like a master! If i want something, it happens so after three hours or so of reading the jekyll docs i had the working post system which i am using now. The only thing i miss about gh-pages is the php support but hey, you can’t have everything.

If you are still in need of a free website or know someone that is, I strongly suggest gh-pages.

I hoped you liked my post for today