School and what is going wrong


  • Shouldn’t be required if you plan and make your lessons good
  • atleast keep it short. Don’t make people work 1 hour on exercises from which they don’t learn a lot because you rush through it.
  • TIP if you want to be the best teacher: do not give any homework. Your pupils will love you.
  • Do not spend half the lesson revising homework. Use that lesson to tell your pupils the things that they need to know.


  • be funny, this will keep your class from falling asleep
  • regularly show videos, this is something else than just talking or making exercises but your pupils will still learn.
  • Talking in the lesson is good, just make sure that it doesn’t happen too loud
  • Let people go a little earlier than normal if they are done fast and have done their homework good.


It seems like the modern school system cant’t work without execises. There is nothing wrong with those, but filter out the required ones. For example: Don’t make people copy a text but make them just write down the wrong/ right words.

  • For group projects: Do not give everyone the same note. I have had so many instances where people get a good or even better note than me, even though they have done absolutely nothing on the project.


  • Do only give tests in a testweek
  • our school says the they give half-tests for a note because they want to make kids learn without giving them a big test.

be funny, this will keep your class from falling asleep.

I will add more to thing list once i think about some stuff too add.